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DREAM, HUSTLE, WIN, REPEAT: Three Generations Deep is the story of a man who's been dedicated to UK dance music culture from his very first acid house rave in 1989.

Electrifying highs, emotional lows, big dreams, a constant hustle and refusal to quit; remaining relevant, active and respected in one of the most competitive scenes in electronic music was never going to be easy. But Phantasy wouldn't change a moment of it.

A must read for any true drum & bass head, junglist or dance music lover: Three Generations Deep was written with music journalist Dave Jenkins and features stories and salutes from peers and pioneers such as Grooverider, Nicky Blackmarket, DJ Hype, Top Buzz, Mikee B, Martin Ikin and the SaSaSaS family. A unique tale of the development of UK rave and drum & bass and how Stephen Hannon has played a role in it more than many would ever realise…. It drops exactly 30 years after the night he became DJ Phantasy.

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Three Generations Deep Book
  • Grooverider

    Like me, like Fabio and all them early guys that are often called 'pioneers' or whatever you want to call it, I consider Phantasy as one of them too. He was one of the first generation DJs, he was there from the start and I don't think people realise just how much he's contributed to the scene.

  • Nicky Blackmarket

    Right from day one, he's been an integral part of the whole thing. I always call him Mr Logistics. He sorts things out and helped a lot of people along the way, pushing the scene forward much more than a lot of people give him credit for.

  • Macky Gee

    Even after all these years and all the shows he's done, he doesn't take anything for granted and takes in the moment. That's not always easy, you can get caught up in things and forget how lucky you are so Steve has been a massive inspiration for me in that way.

A short extract

DJ Phantasy and illegal raves…

"You're nicked son…" There are those fateful words again. I've heard them a few times in my life, and there's never a good time to hear them. But definitely not when you're playing your favourite records in a packed warehouse full of shiny beaming ravers while the sun's rising. And definitely not when your arms are being pulled behind your back and the cuffs are on while you're deep in the mix.

Yeah, I'd been arrested again. I can't remember the exact location but it was somewhere north of London, kinda heading towards Watford and we'd already had to do the convoy thing because the old bill had bust the last location. These police just couldn't get their heads around the fact we were having fun; illegal raves were bringing people together for a positive reason and still they had to kill our buzz. Even worse, they were pulling me away from my treasured records!

"Quick! Grab my tunes, grab my tunes!" I shout to the ravers as the old bill pull the plug on the system. Then I look at them again and think ‘shit! I don't know any of these people!'

"No, no! Leave them there, leave them there!'

What was I thinking? I was in a state of shock. And things were going to get worse before they were going to get better…

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